AAAE 2024 


April 28 - May 1, 2024
Nashville, TN, USA
Booth 1121


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AAAE 2024

The 96th annual AAAE conference and exhibition will be open April 28 - May 1, 2024, in Nashville, TN. 

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS is a drive solution leader and our products are utilized throughout airports worldwide. Whether for baggage handling, jetways, walkways, or moving large hangar doors, NORD provides configurable drive systems to precisely match every application. With the new DuoDrive integrated gear unit/motor, IE5+ synchronous motors, and NORDAC ON/ON+ variable frequency drives, NORD brings you a new level of efficiency, reliability, and cost savings.

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Come see NORD's new airport drive solutions at Booth 1121. We look forward to your visit and helping you find the best possible solution for your application!

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DuoDrive Integrated Gear Unit & Motor

The revolutionary integrated gear unit/motor concept with a smooth body design.



VFDs built to meet the requirements of horizontal conveyor technology. 


IE5+ Synchronous Motors

Efficient, hygienic, and compact - the new motor generation for reducing operating costs.



A complete, energy efficient solution for high-volume warehouses.


Two Stage Helical Bevel Gear Units

High efficient operation in a modular design. A cost effective alternative to industry standard worm units.



A universal variable frequency drive for all drive applications.

DuoDrive Integrated Gear Units

DuoDrive is a revolutionary integrated gear unit/motor concept with hygienic washdown design. It combines a high-efficiency IE5+ motor with a single-stage helical gear unit in one housing. Due to its optimized system efficiency, high power density, and very low noise emissions, it is extremely well-suited for airport baggage handling systems. Together with its simple Plug-&-Play commissioning, the complete DuoDrive solution results in a significant reduction in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) compared to other drive systems. 


  • Latest generation IE5+ permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) integrated in a single-stage helical gear unit housing
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership and fast Return on Investment
  • Compact, smooth body design for durability and space savings
  • Available with IP69K surface treatment

NORDAC ON/ON+ Variable Frequency Drives

NORDAC ON/ON+ VFDs were developed to meet the special requirements of horizontal conveyor technology and for use with the new IE5+ synchronous motor (NORDAC ON+). They are characterized by an integrated Ethernet interface, full Plug-&-Play capabilities, and a very compact design. NORDAC ON/ON+ variable frequency drives are a reliable, economic solution for IIoT environments.


  • Performance: Up to 1.27 hp
  • Protection class: IP55, IP66
  • Wall-mount or motor-mount


  • Plug-&-Play solution for fast commissioning
  • Operation of asynchronous and synchronous motors
  • PLC functionality for drive-related functions (PLC onboard)
  • Compact, space-saving design due to integration of Ethernet communication


IE5+ Ultra High-Efficiency Synchronous Motors

The new generation of NORD IE5+ synchronous motors are manufactured in-house and feature a compact, ventilated design for cool operation. A motor-integrated encoder comes standard and an integrated mechanical brake is optional. By using these motors, the number of system variants can be reduced, lowering operating and maintenance costs. They have high compatibility and are intended for use with NORD variable frequency drives (wall or cabinet mounted versions only).


  • Performance: 0.5 - 5.5 hp
  • Worldwide approvals and acceptance
  • Flexible motor mounting: direct mounting, NEMA, IEC


  • Highest operational efficiency with IE5+ technology
  • Reduction of variants through constant torque over a wide speed range
  • Fanless motor design
  • Reduced TCO and fast ROI
  • Ventilated variant (F-Design) with a high overload capacity
  • Fully matched NORD modular system solution with gear unit, motor and variable frequency drive


With LogiDrive NORD delivers an energy efficient, low maintenance solution in a modular design. Efficient operation at partial load and low speeds makes Logidrive especially effective for high-volume baggage systems and other conveyor systems.

The Logidrive consists of:

  • High efficiency 2 stage bevel gearbox
  • IE4 or IE5+ permanent magnet synchronous motor
  • Decentralized variable frequency drive
  • Power plug connector
  • M12 connectors
  • Incremental encoder
  • Pre-assembled cables
  • High overload capacity
  • Standardized hollow shaft diameters

As a complete package, Logidrive provides flexibility, increased energy efficiencies, and reduced variants to improve ROI. The VFDs and IE5+ motors support large speed ranges to deliver automation for various airport applications.



Two Stage Helical Bevel Gear Units

NORD’s two stage helical bevels feature efficient operation in a modular design. Two housing styles (open and closed) along with flexible input and output configurations ensure complete application and environmental versatility. The units are available with foot, flange, or face mounting and hollow or solid shaft designs.

The two stage bevels feature a robust gearbox with a large speed range and quiet operation for customers who need high functionality in sound sensitive environments. It's also a more efficient and reliable solution than a typical worm unit. 


  • Performance: 0.16 - 12.5 hp
  • Torque range: 443 - 5,842 lb-in
  • Ratio: 3.03 - 70:1


  • Aluminum alloy housing
  • Quiet operation
  • Up to 97% efficiency
  • Keyless shaft designs with Shrink Disc and GRIPMAXX™
  • Long service life, low maintenance



The NORDAC PRO is the variable frequency drive for all applications. The future-ready nature of the NORDAC PRO is shown by its modern connectivity such as the use of an SD memory card as a storage medium for parameters, firmware and operating data, as well as a USB interface which enables parameterization of the inverter when the power is switched off. The optional Bluetooth interface rounds out the unit's operating convenience. Use of the latest components enables a very compact design and therefore space-saving installation in the control cabinet without spaces between units.


  • Universal variable frequency drive, suitable for a wide range of applications
  • Compact design in book-size format for space-saving installation in control cabinets
  • 2 basic versions as machine inverter and application inverter
  • Functions can be extended with plug-in SK TU5 control module and SK CU5 extension modules
  • Performance: 0.33 - 7.5 hp
  • Protection Class: IP20